In 1926 The Tomb Sisters were the aristocratic virgin daughters of British Merchant, castoff prince and Petroleum Mine Owner Julius and Esme Tomb. The Blue eyed Tomb Sisters consecrated their lives to being pious nuns in their birthplace of Magdalena, South America led by the passionate Mother Superior Grace Celeste who loved them like her own children. Their names were Hazel, Myrna, Angelica, and Maria Tomb. One day while praying over the body of a man who had killed his family and himself because of the hopelessness that was apparent in a satanic book called the Infernal Book of Wisdom, the Tomb Sisters latched on out of curiosity to the book and so took it amongst themselves in secret. In time a mysterious antique salesman Lucius Lucifer ingratiated himself among the impressionable young nuns to the worry of Mother Superior Grace Celeste and the Tomb family. Tragedy struck The Tomb Sisters as they were seduced by Lucius Lucifer The Devil into using the spells in the book to becoming the Horrific Demon Nuns who would go on to kill their victims with Machetes of Sin and the powerful Cadaver Sword slicing people in two.

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