Alessandro Paolo Perucci's latest work is a spellbinding horror novel, THE HAUNTING OF SISTER MARY FRANCIS PART I which tells of a young lonely Catholic schoolgirl named Mary Francis who is teased by the popular girls in her school called the Click for being meek and awkward. Mary Francis has six pitbull terrier pups named Gentle Soul, Lion, Sickle, Justice, Terror, and Three Eyes who are as meek as she. After being tormented to a boiling point, she meets a charasmatic defrocked priest named Father Gregory Martin who persuades her to join the world of the occult. He shows her the evil Infernal Book of

giant billboard Haunting of Sister Mary Francis Part I

Wisdom and a frightening sword called the Cadaver Sword which can give her tremendous powers. She is swept away by Father Gregory Martin and sells her soul to the Devil, uses the sword's power and thereby transforms into the gouged out eyed demon nun spectre Sister Mary Francis who wears a sentient birdlike nun's habit that is an omen of the Demon Nun's presence. Her Pitbull Terriers are also transformed into monstrous sized Demon Dogs who have a penchant for terror. Now she will get revenge on anyone and everyone who hurt her. Watch out, the demon nun spectre Sister Mary Francis will get you on July 31st, 2012. Available exclusively on